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Dec 20, 2018

Rise of the Mystics (Beyond the Circle Book #2) by Ted Dekker

Rise of the Mystics (Beyond the Circle Book #2) by Ted Dekker
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Revell publication October 2018

Some say the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once died with Thomas Hunter many years ago. Still others that the gateway to that greater reality was and is only the stuff of dreams. They are all wrong.

Rachelle Matthews, who grew up in the small town of Eden, Utah, discovered just how wrong when she dreamed and awoke in another world. There she learned that she was the 49th Mystic, the prophesied one, tasked with finding five ancient seals before powerful enemies destroy her. If Rachelle succeeds in her quest, peace will reign. If she fails, the world will forever be locked in darkness.

In The 49th Mystic, Rachelle found the first three of those five seals through great peril and mind-altering adventure. But two seals remain hidden and the fate of both worlds hangs in their balance.

As Rachelle Matthews sits deep in a dungeon, Vlad Smith is just getting started. Thomas Hunter's world is about to be turned inside out. The mystics say that there is no defense against the Fifth Seal--but finding it will cost Rachelle everything.

So begins the final volume of high stakes in one girl's quest to find an ancient path that will save humanity. The clock is ticking; the end rushes forward. Ready? Set? Dream.

I was so excited to get to this novel as a sequel to The 49th Mystic so I could see if Rachelle saved all that was left of the world. While the first book set up a lot of what Rachelle knew as Eden, this sequel focuses on how Rachelle needs to fulfill her destiny by finding the hidden clues (seals) that will help her. The story is set on its own plane - knowing that technically this is Christian Fiction yet there are so many truths that it has that sort of that heretical quality as it doesn't outright name Jesus/Lord but yet there are characteristics and allusions to give off the same nuance. And this causes many issues with those who want a theological study because this is actually allegorical to help open up your mind, to give you that nudge to the perception that you may have ignored. Which it did for me - I know that there is more to this life than the day to day drudgery of work and home therefore I am quite eager to learn that there is a reason behind my existence. (Looking forward to my upcoming Christmas gift of The Way Of Love books!)

Ted Dekker's previous series The Circle has a character Thomas Hunter and he is mentioned in The 49th Mystic and is featured more in this sequel. I have not read the previous series but plan on it, and you do not need to read any others of Dekker's works except for The 49th Mystic before this one. This is a fantasy tale of elyon, horde and albinos facing off as we hope for the Rise of The Mystics; the best spin you've seen on that epic battle of good versus evil. Dekker will have you believing that you too are meant for more than this. Challenge your mind. Prove your worth. This story of Rachelle and her quest will make you want to.

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