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Jan 12, 2020


I have such a hard time wanting to actively review the books I have been reading, and I apologize for that to all of you who really don't/care.
I am still on the crazy outdated platform of blogger aka blogspot and I am not about to invest any of my spare time in researching better platforms. But out of the millions of people who are still using Blogger.. How is it that we do not have a better app for publishing via the cell phone? 
I have a few books that I have requested for review via netgalley which means I *MusT* obtain willpower to do so here.
So hopefully coming soon will be reviews for Wicked Saints/Ruthless Gods, The Painted Castle, The Night Country..
I have been reading a lot of different types of books but finding most of my enjoyment in the Young Adult Fantasy genre. 
I should also be doing a Best of 2019 post but that would be lengthy as I read some pretty damn good books last year. Newest favorite authors are Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, and Holly Black. 
I read 78 books and over 32k pages in 2019! 

I set my goal for 70 for 2020.. I expect to be a lot more busier this year irl due to the oldest graduating high school this year.

I have removed the mailchimp feature due to hacking and pretty much the best way to check in with me is via Facebook. 

May 2020 be the start of the best decade ever.