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Feb 13, 2021

Cosmic Health by Jennifer Racioppi

Cosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic with Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness by Jennifer Racioppi
Little, Brown and Company
Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 12 Jan 2021
(Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of the eGalley in exchange for this review)

“A life-changing way to apply astrology to your health and well-being.”—Colette Baron-Reid, author of The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

2020 was not a great year in so many ways for us here in the United States. As 2021 began I realized all my hope for change/renewal was not going to happen automatically and would require a bit of soul searching for me to get started on this journey of self-care and well-being. No one is going to be able to take better care of myself than myself, but I lack the necessary tools to do so. Combined with my interests in the more esoteric fields of everything from astrology to tarot to crystal healing, this new Cosmic Health book was the perfect book to get me started on my quest.
Examples of titles of sub-chapters: Healing Through Self-Compassion, Can You Really Have What You Want?, Jupiter: Harbinger of Joy and Abundance, Cultivating Your Awesome

This book took me two weeks to read because it is jam packed with facts and tools/exercises for you to follow along with. You need to go into this book knowing how to find out your natal chart, and have an intention. Do you require healing from trauma? Do you need to find the willpower to change a habit? Start a new one? Follow along with Jennifer's thinking and look to the stars. You need to find a balance in your life? The planets will help you, or thwart you depending on your natal chart. In easy to understand text the author will bring you through topics from mythology to moon rituals and Mercury retrograde to help you learn how to apply a form of medical astrology. 

Astrology is a very vast field and as I said, two weeks for 416 pages is quite a long time for me to get through a book. While there are many more books out there to dive deep into any special niche, Cosmic Health by Jennifer Racioppi is an absolute gem to women who need a little direction in understanding how many elements of our solar system pull on your psyche.

Some favorite takeaways from Cosmic Health: Relentlessly commit to your future self. You are here to learn sovereignty and how to self-authorize without needing approval from others. Using the natal chart and your astro-individuality you can find insight into what you're innately excellent at as well as what drives you and why.

While I was able to enjoy this book via the eGalley, due to the images and format within the text I would recommend purchasing a hard copy for the illustrations alone. This is definitely a book that would be a useful tool to look back through as your personal situations arise. Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with the eGalley for this review and getting me on my way to a higher state of well-being.

Just for fun, here's my natal chart, courtesy of Cafe Astrology!! I am a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and Virgo Rising. My true north is in Capricorn. 

As a Cancer, I can be touchy and indirect, and my Virgo Ascendant makes me come across as shy and aloof. This Virgo ascendant also makes me super sensitive to the pain I feel from my endometriosis and since Cancer is ruled by the moon I need to channel my moon energy to work for me as opposed to against me. Jennifer's Cosmic Health has specifics on each of my planet's placements and ideas on how to harness this energy to propel me towards a better understanding of my place in this amazing solar system. We are star dust and it is time to honor that!